Winning Mind Intelligence Management System

SensusQ helps find knowledge from your complex and siloed data in minutes. Events are mapped. Connections are formed. Decisions are made.

Inbox user interface

Verdandi Mobile App

Our Verdandi mobile app turns every boot on the ground into a sensor that in addition to other integrated sources feeds into the intelligence management system. Information heard and seen automatically feeds into the intelligence management software.

Customer profile user interface


Simple yet powerful tools for data analysis and management.

Plan and manage operations

Easily navigate information through a customizable dashboard.

Filter and search

Use map tools and search tools to navigate to the information you need.

Explore timeline

Dive into events and understand trends.

Integrate and receive

Interoperability with custom sensors, feeds and other sources.

Discover connections

Understand relationships and connections between items.

Share and export

Share results through automatically generated standardized reports.


Sensitive data stays home

Winning Mind runs on your premises and the data never leaves your hands.

Scalable by nature

The system is adaptable even to the largest organizations.


Supports integration of custom external and internal sources.

One-click sharing and export

Analysis results and standardized reports are generated and ready for sharing with one click.

Possible use cases

Designed by defense, adaptable for a variety of industries.


SensusQ uses the proven Intelligence Collection Management cycle driven approach to information management. One integrated solution for ground troops, analysts and commanders.


Finds connections between events and persons to prevent fraud before it happens with our powerful intelligence synthesis and analysis tool.

Government and Ministries

SensusQ brings together information from all departments to build a cohesive picture. Relevant data can be easily filtered, found, and sorted using embedded filtering and full text search

Critical infrastructure

Recognize risks and prioritize workforce deployments across multiple locations with real-time and historical information from multiple sources.

Oil and Gas

Identify hazards before they become reality - SensusQ provides a single environment for operations and threat management in high-risk environments.

Compliance and due diligence

Say goodbye to document management and manual analysis. Every file, question and answer in one powerful analysis data room.

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