SensusQ recognized as Supporter of Defenders of the State

Jun 19, 2023

SensusQ is proud to announce that it has been recognized as one of the 50 companies to receive the prestigious Supporter of Defenders of the State award in Estonia. The award ceremony took place at the Estonian War Museum, where Prime Minister Kaja Kallas highlighted the crucial role played by companies and organizations in supporting national defence.

SensusQ understands the significance of national defence and the sacrifices made by those who serve. Through educational initiatives, provision of resources, and innovative software solutions, SensusQ actively contributes to the strength and resilience of Estonia's defence forces. This recognition motivates us to continue our unwavering support for national defence and to inspire other companies to follow suit.

The award was given out for the first time in history this year and nearly 200 companies and organizations applied. The 50 companies were chosen by a jury consisting of representatives from the Ministry of Defence, Estonian Defence Forces and Estonian Defence League.

Read more from the press release by Ministry of Defence of Estonia (in Estonian) here.

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